Directions to the Fort Myer Thrift Shop
Fort Myer Thrift Shop is located on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall. The name of the base recently
changed from Fort Myer Military Installation to Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall. You may find references
to the old and new base. The thrift shop name remains the same: AOWCGWA - Fort Myer Thrift Shop.
Fort Myer Thrift Shop is located at Bldg 224 Forrest Circle Fort Myer, VA, 22211.

Enter Joint Base Myer-Henderon Hall at Hatfield Gate (from Washington Blvd). You will
need a photo ID to show at the gate.

Below are directions to the military installation and directions once you are inside the

Directions to Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall at Hatfield Gate
North on I-395 from I-95
From I-395 take exit 8A, Route 27 Washington Blvd/Pentagon/ Arlington Cemetary/
Rosslyn. (This is the next exit after Glebe Road). Stay to the left once you are inside the
exit. The road splits left and right. You must stay left.

Merge onto Washington Blvd and get into the right lane.

Exit right about 1/2 mile. Exit says 'Ft. Myer Traffic Only'. This is Hatfield Gate. Watch
traffic on your left as you merge to drive onto Fort Myer.

You must show your military/ government ID or have a picture ID. If you are non-military
your vehicle will be checked.

For more direction visit MWR Fort Myer. They have directions from Route 50, 66, and
the district

The Joint Base Myer-Henderon Hall Military Website also has directions Joint Base
Myer-Henderon Hall

Directions inside Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall starting from Hatfield Gate
Show your military ID or go through the checkpoint--If you do not have a Department of
Defense sticker on your vehicle, you will be required to go through the security
checkpoint. Your vehicle will be checked and you will be asked to show a picture ID to
get on post.

Once you are through the checkpoint or (show your military ID card at the checkpoint)
you are on Carpenter Road.

Turn left at McNair Road--This is a 3-way stop sign (if you turn too early you will find
yourself in the PX parking lot.)

Turn left on Pershing Drive--Make this turn directly after you see Armed Forces Bank
on your left. Once on Pershing Drive you will pass the gas station and shoppette on
your right. (If you do not have a military ID card you cannot purchase gas or shop here.)

Turn right on Sheridan Avenue--This is a 3 way stop sign again. Directly ahead of you
is the fire department. This is a residential area. Watch for construction, troops, and
stop signs. You will go through one stop sign and keep going straight.

Turn left at Jackson Avenue at the T stop sign intersection--Watch closely as traffic
coming from the right has right-of-way. You also might see a thrift store sign pointing to
the left.

Make an almost instantaneous right at the white fence--you can't go in any other
direction. You will be driving behind buildings on a back road. Please drive slowly.
These are horse stables.

At the stop sign make a right--if you continue straight through the stop sign you go
down a hill away from the thrift shop. You are now in the thrift shop parking lot.
The Fort Myer Thrift Shop
accepts cash and checks
(which must be  approved at
our office) and credit cards
Visa and Mastercard
Park in back of building. Watch for one-way traffic as you drive on post. Consignment door is located in between these two
Inclement Weather Policy
Fort Myer Thrift Shop
Open to the general public
and military ID card holders
Copyright 2008-2012
The Fort Myer Thrift Store
We are a 501 exempt non-profit organization
Not military? You CAN shop at
the Fort Myer Thrift Shop even
though we are located on a
military installation. You can drive
through the gate and you can
shop every day we are open
More information
(703) 527-0664  Our
volunteers and staff answer
the phone during business