For a full list of seasonal items we are accepting and the dates we are accepting
them click here.

Easy to consign, easy to withdraw. We have possibly the highest consignment rates
in your favor and the cheapest withdrawal fees.

If your item sells you get seventy-five (75) % of the total sale!

We pride ourselves for a relaxed environment. We want our thrift shop to be a nice
place to visit and our consignment department is no exception. Fill out our
consignment form, leave items and a filled out contract with us and go shopping. If
you have questions we will answer them.

56 days of item consignment or until sold
Your consignment items are for sale for 8 weeks (56 days) from the date you bring
your item to the thrift shop. You may mark down items once in those 56 days with no
penalty. If you volunteer you receive an even longer consignment period for each
item of 84 days.

If your items do not sell after 8 weeks they become thrift store property. If you do not
withdraw an item it may still be sold and proceeds go to the thrift shop. You may
withdraw your items, but before the date the item becomes thrift shop property.

Drop sheets
Our office will provide you with a copy of your consignment form and a drop sheet
that indicates the date your items, if they do not sell, become thrift shop property.
Drop sheets are available to you a day after you bring in consignment items. Please
do not forget to come in and pick them up.
It is your responsibility to track your
own items

Withdraw an item not a problem
If you want to withdraw your item you pay .25 to $1.00  to withdraw each item. You
must withdraw the item before it becomes thrift shop property.

How the consignment process works
Please completely fill out your consignment form before you leave it with us. Have a
staff person or volunteer check your form.
Click here for more information on how to
fill out the form.

New consignor start here
1. You must have a valid military ID (active duty, retiree, National Guard, Reserves
and/ or spouse of) to consign
2. Register with us on the first day you bring in consignment items
3. Refer to items we are
currently not accepting and the items we can never accept  
seasonal item list. It is our intent to update this list every two weeks or less.
Check our online lists frequently
4. Refer to consignment guidelines below
5. Download the
consignment form here and fill it out at home or fill one out at the
thrift shop

Returning consignor checklist
1. Download the consignment form here and fill it out at home or fill one out at the
thrift shop
consignor hours before you come in if you are unsure
2. Refer to the items we are
currently not accepting and the items we can never
accept  and seasonal item list
3. Pick up your checks. Check out the dates to pick up your check here.
4. Refer to consignment guidelines below

Consignment guidelines
  • Lowest price to list an item is $3.00 (as of 13 July 2010)
  • Consign 18 items per day, which is the limit on one consignment form
  • Only 3 pieces of clothing per day
  • Only 3 like items per day. Example if you have 10 belt buckles you may only
    consign 3 of them per contract/ on that day
  • Call before bringing large items or furniture as we have limited floor space
  • Clean items sell better than dirty ones. Please bring clean items
  • All electric items must be in good working condition
  • Furniture must be in good condition
  • Clothing must be clean pressed and within 3-5 years old.
  • Bathing suits must be new and with original tags
  • Golf clubs are only accepted in the spring and must be in excellent condition
    with sets of woods/ clubs
  • If an item is chipped or some part of it doesn't work please indicate 'as is' on
    your form
  • We prefer you consign in working condition items, if an item is broken we
    reserve the right to remove it from the thrift shop floor before it is sold
  • Write plainly on the consignment form-give a good accurate description of item
    i.e. color, size, brand name if possible. This helps us to easily identify items by
Example of good descriptions (item and then descriptor):
shirt, red with polka dots, womans, small
dish, King Casserole glass
figurine, brass, 15 inches tall, man smiling                           

  • Hang clothes on thrift shop hangers
  • Please place all items in one of the provided plastic laundry baskets with written
    list on top of items and ask a staff person or volunteer to look over your list
  • Please check that you do not have non-seasonal items, items we never can
    accept, and currently not accepting due to overstock. It is your responsibility to
    check with us to make sure your item has not been pulled for any of these
    reasons. After 2 weeks unacceptable item become thrift shop property and will
    be disposed of
  • PCS - May bring in extra items.  Must be leaving the Greater Washington Area
    - not a local move.  Call and talk with Manager.  Must leave copy of orders,
    SASE with Office.  Happy to Help!
The Fort Myer Thrift Shop reserves the right to accept or reject any item
presented for consignment. You must call before bringing any furniture or
large items for consignment as our floor space is limited
Our consignment department door is located in-between the
Fort Myer Thrift Shop Main Building and the Boutique
Consignor Links
Main consignment page
Download consignment forms
How to fill out form
Items we do not accept
Seasonable items schedule
Pick up your check dates
Consignment hours
Consign 1-2-3 EASY
Fill out the consignment form at
Download form

Save yourself the hassle of
bringing in an item we do not
accept. Review our temporary
and permanent restrictions list:
Items we do not accept

Unsure if your seasonal item
can be consigned? Check here:
Seasonable items schedule

Check dates you can pick up
your consignment checks
Pick up your check dates

Want more information?
Consign with us
We reserve the right to not accept items even if they are not on the
temporary or permanent list. This is due to temporary space limitations.
These are usually for very short periods of time and are usually in addition
to the item restrictions listed on the Web site.
We always need
donations of shopping
bags w/ handles
but not plastic grocery
store bags or brown
paper bags
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